Ty’s S&S Geekhouse Mudville Cross

The last time we saw Ty’s Geekhouse Mudville, it was in the middle of cross season. So what do cross racers do in the “off season”? Some choose to ride their cross bikes on singletrack, over fire roads and through the woods. While most people hang them up in their sheds or garages, Ty and a lot of other riders prefer to ride theirs year-round.

When he decided he would try to travel as much as he could this year, he comissioned Megan from Moth Attack to add S&S couplers to this already versatile bike. Gotta love that Geekhouse team livery all torched up! He left with Moi this morning on a week-long trip and the bike was looking great yesterday, so I had to photograph it.

I wish these two dudes the best of luck. Have a blast!

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.


  • Hans

    fuck yeah! you guys have fun!

  • Michael wynne

    What tires are those?

  • dancakes

    man. love the geekhouse cyclocross standover/reach. and fuck repainting around the couplers. and that flite.


  • SO baller.

  • fixed_hesh

    Fuck yeah, this is by far the most dialed bike I’ve seen in a long time. Cross tourer-the best bike you can have.

  • Ty, looks like it’s seen a lot of love. Glad your having fun with it.. Now send me that frame for repowder!

  • whats the wheel set?

  • Johnny Burrell

    That truly is a beautiful bike.  All the little details really add up.  Would love to get more detail on the modified Thomson stem.

  • Morgan

    I have that same Camelbak and have never thought about putting it on a road bike… now I’m intrigued!

  • Bcretty

    What Camelbak model bag is that?

  • Still one of my favorite Geekhouse’s on this site