Beautiful Bicycle: Moi and His Kelly Cross Jun 20, 2012

So I don’t know if you know this, but saying “adventure” really rubs some people the wrong way. And I can see why. “Adventure” has become synonymous with “epic” and sure, there are more descript adjectives out there but what else would you call a week-long, dirt, camping and river rafting experience? Moi is a very rad man. I’ve spent some time in the saddle with him these past weeks and it’s been a blast getting to know him. Today, he and Ty are heading out on a “bike ride week-long extravaganza”. They’re strapping all they need to their saddle rails and posts, as they embark on this radcation.

I shot some quick photos of Moi and his Kelly cross bike the other day, before the sun went down. Check the rest out below.

  • rdrey

    Hell yeah!  There’s nothing wrong with “Adventure” atmo.  Anyone who’s beefing on “Adventure” can go sit quietly on a couch in the air conditioning.  Safe travels to these gentlemen. 

  • Cliff

    That last pic made me smile.

  • fixed_hesh

    fuck yeah another sick cross-tourer, the best.

  • Amazing last pic of Moi