Lauren’s Casati Ellisse

There are some benefits to dating a “bike blogger” but there are more benefits to being friends with Andy from Fyxomatosis and Dan from Shifter Bikes. When we were in Melbourne, Andy had this beautiful Casati Ellisse road frame hanging up. I took one look at it and knew it had to be Lauren’s. We haggled, arm wrestled and played a few games of hangman over the cost and eventually came to an agreement. What went from a Chorus build turned to a C-Record build and then, to top it off, Dan offered to build it up, prior to shipping it out.

Weeks passed and Lauren’s bike showed up on a Saturday morning. I put it together and made sure it fit. After a quick test ride, she was ecstatic. Tomorrow we’re going to go get her fit for some road shoes and Sunday will be its first ride in Austin. I think it’s safe to say, we’re both thrilled with this bike. How could you not be? Ti Grammo Art stem, C-Record, Ambrosia wheels? Life’s too short to ride shit bikes.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • belphegor

    I’d fuck Lauren err I meant Lauren’s bike. 

  • ReignTheRocker

    A fucking men! This is one of the cleanest youve had on here. photos like #17 are my favorite from these photo shoots. its like bike porn and photos like #17 are the “centerfold”. mmmm!

  • Jerrybowles6

    Very nice! She got the best version of the deltas too. Makes me miss my C-Record group…

  • G1ngerk1d

    wowza! Absolutely gorgeous gem!

  • ulmaceae

    What kind of pedals are those?

    • White Industries

      • ulmaceae

        Thanks! They’re really interesting. The bike is a beauty!

        • they’re good, but tend to be a little slick…

  • Chris

    Great build!

  • That’s the ‘standard’.

    Ride safe!

  • TuckerRidesBikes

    There are perhaps also benefits to dating a professor of interactive design when one operates a bike blog.

    I got my girl this bike for Christmas

  • Default

    Nice bke, ugly ass stem, doesn’t go with the frame or components at all.

    • You have no idea about anything

      • Craig

        i love it when prolls lays it down

    • re-evaluate your life. 

    • Peterwowk91

      I agree that weld bead was clearly laid down by a Vietnamese child…Other then that it’s really nice

      • It’s titanium and those stems were made by Italian children, not Vietnamese. This was prior to globalization…

  • Josh

    Hot build but I’m betting the saddle gets changed within the next month. 

    • She’s been riding this brooks (women’s) saddle
      For a year…

      • scorch

        Yeah, at first i was also skeptical about it, but last two shots further from the bike make it come together, that Brooks. Overall, very nice and compact looking bike!

      • Josh

        But has she been riding it on a bike with that geo?  My lady had a B17-S on her townie and loved it but on a road bike she absolutely hated it.  If I’m wrong whatever but I’m still betting it gets changed.

        • she had it on her track bike and another on her townie. I doubt your girlfriend’s body is shaped the same as mine.

          • MT*IRAKREW NY/NYC division

            I hope that dudes girlfriends body doesn’t look like yours…I mean your in shape now…but still.

          • Clever!

          • you didn’t do a photo set ’bout her track bike, did ya? I only saw the NOS dura ace cranks it got on your instagram ages ago.

  • sp77

    Not gonna lie, this is probably one the most beautiful bikes/ one of the best beautiful bikes post I’ve seen on your site. The lighting and the angles all work out amazingly, nice work!

    • Agreed. I was into this set. Thanks for the kind words!

  • fuck. what a beautifully done Casati.

    Every detail done right. Good job guys

  • Aro

    Congrats on the acquisition, lovely bike. It’s been in the Fyxo stable for quite some time, I’ve had my eye on it for ages (Lauren must be a tall(ish) lady, pretty sure it was my size!)

    Half your luck I never got around to buying it before you did. Looks stunning

  • well done John

    • that’s all @fyxomatosis_one:disqus ‘s doing!

  • Ckamp

    Yes. Casati’s Rule.

  • Bretunm

    That bike is fucking sexual.

  • michael

    “Life’s too short to ride shit bikes.” You said it!
    The bike looks absolutely fantastic, only downer is that my gf saw the pics of this and now I’ll have to upgrade her Pinarello… Darn!

  • bleui

    “Life’s too short to ride shit bikes”
    Thanks for this, now I don’t feel too bad spending all those hard-earn money.

  • fooboozlie

    That stem is siiiiick. And so are the brakes.

    I really dig the bike, it’s clean and classic, the way a good bike should be.

  • Ckamp

    Love the paint. Saying that, be very careful with Dossena Carlo’s work, its rather delicate. Let the chips come from riding not leaning.

    • Oh yeah, this is a “no lock up” bike. That said, she toppled over on it today… so it’ll get plenty of “love marks”.

  • traskVT

    wow. that is simply gorgeous. 

  • Sailor-one

    rear mech is chorus not C-record to be precise :)

  • Peter Burchell

    The stem needs to go, seat too Cinelli XA, and a Rolls or Regal.

  • fooboozlie

    Is there really anything more to life than traditional drop handlebars? I don’t think so. Great looking bike for the lady.

  • Smileunderwater669

    My god its just so beautiful. That stem is like porn…

  • most beautiful groupset ever!

  • Mamllorent

    Sorry, but the pedals dont likes me

  • How did this person get their hands on a Cinelli Grammo Art? I been scouring the Earth for one, and keep losing every Ebay auction.