A Golden Saddle Surly One By Townie

It doesn’t take a lot to classy up a stock build, or even a frameset. Especially when it comes to a Surly. These “do anything” bikes are great. Throw some dirt drops, barcons and knobbies and you’ve got an off-roader, camping mobile. Or roll one stock and race cross. Perhaps you just want to have a nice, balanced and smooth, reliable ride to scoot around on. The latter was the inspiration for this recent Golden Saddle Cyclery customer build.

A 1×10 is ideal for a city commute. Then, by adding a tried and true Wald basket, a Brooks, one slick Archive x Tracko bag to the mix, along with a mix of Paul Components and some solid wheels, you’ve got a stylish, balleur and relatively affordable ride.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Cortpercer

    Balleur? French for baller? Combination of baller and porteur?

  • olivier


  • jp

    A Cross Check, this is?

  • Cedar Point

    What kind of Sugino crank? 

    • adam

      sugino RD I think. 

  • olivier

    Any way to get the part list, please ?

  • Spencer

    Any chance of getting an as-built price here? Or a close approximation?

  • b.taylor


  • ellumulle

    Where the hell can I scoop that bag?

  • Jkokily_bryan

    what kind of brakes are those what the name of the brand?

  • hansgman

    wow just came across this pic. This is exactly how I want to rebuild my Cross Check.. Question about the Wald basket. I’m pretty sure they say to not attach the support arms to a QR axle. Any thoughts on this?

  • Ryan Jones

    What frame is this?

    • It’s a crosscheck

      • Ryan Jones

        Thank you!