Beautiful Bicycle: A FYXO Casati Ellise Jun 18, 2012

Photo by Andy White

When we were in Melbourne, I came across this Casati in Shifter Bikes. It was a perfect fit for Lauren and since she had been looking for a road bike, I had to try to work out a deal with Andy to get it for her. Months later, the beast is built up for the beauty and Andy gave it some lens love before packing it up and shipping it out. Check out more lovely photos here!

  • Chris

    Totally awesome…totally.

  • Beautiful

  • cool to see how it finally turned out.  that stem and the paint are perfect together.  was that a common combination at the time?  It’s like they were made for each other.
    and the deltas are the bomb.

  • Hans

    that stem…

  • Clk64

    good boyfriend award.  That sure is puurdy any idea where the stem came from?