Baum Cycles: Field Grey Ristretto Jun 22, 2012

Yes, it’s late but since the site was quiet all day, I figured I’d stir it up a bit with this Baum Ristretto. See more at the Baum Flickr.

  • adam

    Dope mag rims.

    • Jake Ricker

      MadFiber son!
      Handmade in Seattle, Wa.

    • fixed_hesh

      Mad Fibers. You can get a pair for only 3k. Ha.

      • adam

        I was joking you kook. That’s rad that they are made in the usa!

        • fixed_hesh

           who you callin’ a kook son? I was just giving info.

          • adam

            It was kook in a friendly sort of way. Thanks for the info!

  • Gerrardski

    I’m looking for a new seat post collar.  Where would one purchase a similar seat post collar.  If someone could point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated. 

    • Thomson

      • Gerrard Nieva

        The thomson seat post collar are nice, but I’m looking for a non branded seat post collar like the picture above.  Where do the frame builders or manufacturers get their seat post collars from?

        • Dude. It’s not branded on the non-drive. Look closely at the drive-side photo.

  • *whispers* John, it’s a Ristretto not a Corretto – my Corretto is here on CycleEXIF though: