As You May Have Heard Jun 27, 2012

My Geekhouse Woodville Touring bike was stolen off my porch yesterday, early afternoon. I sat it by the front door, went inside to fill up a water bottle and by the time I went back out the front door, it was gone. Someone walked up and rode off with it, in broad daylight, on our super quiet residential street. None of my neighbors saw anything and in a panic, I went all over looking for it, turning up nothing.

It’s still missing and I am devastated. I’ve put more miles on this bike than any other and it was my daily rider.

I talked to a guy who saw “a homeless man spray painting a big purple bike” in the neighborhood literally 30 minutes after it was stolen. If you’re in Austin, PLEASE keep an eye out for it. It was stolen on the East Side and the man who took it most likely painted the frame black. Other notes: it has those Resist Nomad tires on it but other than that, the build is exactly as shown here.

If you see it, or have any information, please email me. If you can get it from the guy, take it to a bike shop and send me an email. There is a reward if found.

  • Chris L

    Sorry to hear that…Good luck!

    • Giovanni

      Terrible news. Hopefully it will come back. Black or any other color. Good luck

      • Lynus9000

        Let’s get a search mob together and lynch that burnout piece of shit rat bastard. I tell you, next time I have to run in before I ride, I’ll bring my steel with me. Sorry John. Hope she comes home.

        • Smuhlda

          Whoa! “lynch that burnout piece of shit rat bastard?” Some homeless guy sees a $5000 bike unlocked, yes he will take it.  Is it totally shitty? Yes, but it’s not worth getting a lynch mob worked up.  Keep tabs on your gear or get it ripped off, sad truth.  Not agreeing with it, but it’s reality.  And I’m certainly not agreeing with beating up (or worse) some homeless guy because he jacked a bike. Recover the bike, report the theif, drink a beer, call it  day. 

          • having a bike stolen sucks
            but i can probably guarantee that being homeless sucks a whole lot more 

          • nexus

            Anyone who’d beat up a homeless guy deserves a beating themselves.

            Lousy to hear Polly. Hope you get it back mate.

          • Lynus9000

            Whoa guys. Just a vent of frustration as I have had a by cycle stolen and in no way do I have any desire to form a lynch mob nor beat someone up. I would rather evolve the authorities. Sorry to offend. Passive aggressive.

          • Lynus9000

            Also, if one were to chase the homeless individual down and try to take the bike back, do u think he would give in willingly or put up a fight. I’m quite positive that many of the individuals are violent and have adopted a fight to survive instinct. Let’s not pick on me for living vicariously through the frustration of having an awesome bike stolen. Some of the homeless don’t chooses to be homeless but some don’t help themselves. If he’s able bodied to steel a bike and ride it to commute, he can sure get a job. Hope the bike come back John.

          • Lynus9000

            Yes I know spelling. Love iPhone auto correct

  • Indigowarpz

    the guy who stole your bike probably has no idea what he even has.. damn idiot. makes me sick.

  • Sean Martin

    So shitty John. I hope it comes back.

  • Ckamp

    No! Sorry to hear this aweful news. I hope you are able to retrieve it.

  • Good thing you have plenty of people who love your blog, so you have a team looking for your bike!

  • Devin Mooney01

    Somebody’s bound to spot it man!  Keep hope alive.

  • Damn, good luck getting it back. It’s a pity that someone would rattle can that beauty..

  • DTB

    Best of luck finding it bud!

  • Ray

    Dislike……kick that guy right in the teeth when you find him. 

  • TuckerRidesBikes

    Don’t you have the fat tires on it right now?  Or did you switch back to skinny?

    What pedals are on it?  I will carry my U-Lock when I pedicab tonight.

    • The post says the Resist tires are on it – MKS lambda pedals

      • TuckerRidesBikes

        Ok, I’ll keep a lookout for a cleverly placed 3rd water bottle cage and practice my critical reading skills.

  • Nvrrrmnd

    Dude I work on 4th street, I’ll keep an eye out and if I see anything close to this I will take action. Sorry. 

  • Jdhhsept

    good luck dude.

  • Duuuude, that sucks.  Hope you get your bike back, and that whoever stole it receives their fair share of bad karma, and jail time.  That bike’s probably worth enough to make it a felony.

  • JonnyT

    Fuck man, I’m sorry. I hope you get it back!

  • so you left your bike unlocked, and someone rode off with it?

    Shirley you are choking, this carrot be the tooth.

    • Do you throw a lock on your bike when you step inside your house for a minute? I don’t live in NYC anymore…

  • that fucking suck man, sorry to hear it. ive had a bike stolen, that was pretty high on the list of events in my life that made me want to kill someone but since you dont know who its ultimately just frustrating/infuriating. hope it comes back to you, it was certainly well loves/well used. 

  • People… are… the worst.

  • you know me and isac have the 21 block covered!!!  lots of bums come by the royal blue’s…-0

  • Ian Lautze

    AWFUL!  Box dog sends our regards.  Will apprehend on the off chance it shows up in SF.

    • Spoon

      Sonoma County is on the look-out, as well. IAN!!!

  • Al, Sweden

    Too bad. Sweden’s covered… Best of luck!

  • Bill

    I’m on the east side, south of the river. I will definitely keep my eyes open.

  • Bilbo Baggins

    Gotta lock those bikes up! All it takes is 5 seconds and it’s long gone. What a shame, such a beautiful bicycle…

  • tommaso

    John, even if the thief resprayed the frame, it’s a dead give-away with a triple triangle and S&S couplers. I bet somebody will spot it in town and you’ll get it back within a week.

  • Oh shit! Good luck on its retrieval! 

  • DTB

    Any update on the search??

  • Hans

    john, best of luck getting the bike back man. what a fucking drag.

  • Damn, sorry to hear man. Beat his ass when you find him. Or send him to FL and we can do it for you.