5th Floor: Hame Jun 25, 2012

The 5th Floor guys just posted this new video:

“‘Hame’ is the fruits of a great few days spent with Angus Sung in my hometown and the surrounding Glasgow area. Hame follows myself and James Wright as we track out of Glasgow and into the Campsie glens climbing for the majority of the ride. The filming of it had a little more poignancy since its likely to be my last time at hame or in the UK for a while and I really appreciate Angus capturing that. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce James Wright who will be repping the 5th in Scotland. I did a brief bike check on his Kagero some time ago but you can expect to see and hear more and more on James as he flys the banner for us. Big shout out to Chris for being the driver on this one!”

  • Andypancake

    Who sponsors James Wright?????!!!!! Dude made this ride look easy and he also has a lot of style!!! 

    • Jameswright5th

       Hey mate thanks for the compliment! I now fly the flag for The 5th floor In scotland.

      Regards James Wright