Way Back When: My Old Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta’ May 11, 2012

This one comes from way back when we were all riding 23c or 28c tires, grinding on Milwaukee Bicycle Co Stout chainring guards and riding square taper cranks. It was that awkward and yet nostalgic time period where fixed gears and fixed freestyle bikes looks very similar. This was the second size large Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta’ produced and at the time, I was grinning ear to ear when I got my hands on it. While there wasn’t really a fixed freestyle “team” for BMW, Joe had some great people riding and thrashing these bikes.

I dug these photos up while cleaning out a hard drive and thought I’d share. Credit goes to Sasha E for the shots because I was still firing away with a Casio pocket camera at the time….

Check out more below!

  • fgfs666

    Always thought it’d be funny to show up to a FGFS comp or a jam session with a track bike and start doin shit.

  • i think this bike is still super cool. Post some pics of your old Surly! wooo!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/garr1s0n/3408836500/in/set-72157616197862837
    ah, ye olde times (aka water street circa april 2009)

  • Carney

    you were so lucky to have that fork. 650 till i die

  • ScumbagSF

    thi would be a good shred around the city type of bike. perfect for cruising and doin small wheelies and maybe some fakies and stuff. ive loved this bike since you first started riding it. good work mr. prolly

  • Tom

    Good ol days