This Sums Up Our Ride Today May 30, 2012

Today Ross, Jon, Josh and I went on a nice century. This past weekend, the lady and I went out on a drive to Pedernales Falls. After seeing the countryside, I knew I had to ride it, so today we took off under the cloudy skies to do just that.

It came out to be 100 miles and 5,500′ with a 18.1 mph average, which was pretty good considering how hot it ended up being towards the end of the ride. I shot a bunch of black and white film of the Texas Hill Country, so I’ll be following this post up with a Recent Roll shortly.

  • Jason

    Fitzhugh is an awesome ride man! That one hill is pretty intense…going down it anyways.

  • Roland

    I know you love the stars and stripes but rule nr.24 would be greatly appreciated…

    • Those rules don’t apply here.

    • create a strava account, set your preference to SI units, then click the link.  happy now?

      • Roland

         that´s so clever… i must say though, elevation always sounds so more impressive in feet :)

        i think metric in distance and standard in elevation is the way to go.

    • barn

      fuck that list of rules.  anybody who lives by that list should buy a moped.