The Kit You Missed: Golden Saddle Cyclery Women’s Short May 24, 2012

Man, there’s a lotta kit and jersey action on the site as of late. Why stop there? The Golden Saddle Cyclery kits were a huge success this time around. The guys even took Endo up on their women’s shorts, modeled here by Jen. Kyle took some more photos of these over at his Flickr. Head over and check them out. I got Lauren a kit and she can’t wait for it.

  • Musette

    Ahh… cycling photography and the ability to take photos of a lady’s crotch without repercussion.

  • mwickedness

    anybody know anything about those gloves?

    • They’re Rapha. But you can only get them if you’re a special member.

      • mwickedness

        of course they are