The Future of the Stanridge Speed Highstreet May 14, 2012

Adam from Stanridge Speed has been working with an industrial designer on a new integrated stem head tube. These CNC’d front ends will be a throwback to low pros and pursuits of the 70’s and 80’s but made with modern materials. Throw on some Cinelli LA84’s and you’ve got a mean looking bike. This is only an illustration, but you get the idea. More to come! Thanks to Will Rei Design for the illustration.

  • sumo

    650 wheels or bike designed for someone 7’6”?

    • AdamEldridge

      Such a clever and impertient comment. It’s a PDF rendering not CAD.

    • Guest

      The Owner is 6’6″ ;)

    • Tallbrutall

      Not everyone is 5’9″.

  • Boner

    at least mock it up with a smaller cog

    • AdamEldridge

      Boner, Ill give you that one. Will. Man up! 

      • Will

        Haha I’ll get on that. Though I was using your HSP for reference when I made the illustration :P