Team Super Awesome Is Super Weird May 12, 2012

Team Super Awesome is a cycling team here in Austin that is… well, weird. Just watch this video.

  • Weird is not an accurate descriptor of the TSA.  More like genetically superior. We function at a higher level which to some may seem weird.

    • It was a nod to the “Keep Austin Weird” slogan… I guess I failed. ;-)

  • Trackosaursrex

    If a Team Pegasus’ Elite Womens Cyclocross racer and Spencer from Ritte had a baby…they’d be on this team!

  • Gloomy

    What is the name of the song at the end of the video?

    • ASDF

      lcd soundsystem – dance yrself clean

  • Seanzeeeeee

    Well this is great.

  • more like team super not funny

  • blanche

    enter the void inspired 

  • Infomonster

    wow. that was a super waste of my time.

  • Daniel Choi