State Bicycle Co: The Contender May 23, 2012

State Bicycle Co made a video for their newest addition to their lineup, the Contender.

  • Thanks for Posting! 

  • Awesome video!

  • Nice One

  • very nice!

  • sweet video! i need to do some night riding around my hometown soon…

  • Dashawman

    Awesome bike! awesome company!sweet video!

  • OMG ! i want it ! this bike is beautiful 

  • Joshg58

    Such a chill video. I love the look of the contender as well; now I want one!

  • Jeremy_lewandowski

    Love the night ride. I love riding at night, gives everything a different feel.

  • Titouan Corda

    Nice video !

  • I need to start riding fixed again!

  • billy maze

    my abacabb could definitely use a carbon fork.

  • Sir-A-of-G

    Sweet Vid, cant wait to get the Contender!!

  • If this video doesn’t make you want to get up and ride, then something must be wrong with you!

  • KD Washee

    A knockout !!!

  • what’s the name of the records?

  • Terry Zhao

    Such a nice chill night ride 

  • Adam

    radical State comment spam

  • State Bicycle all day!

  • Micah love Yo

    This video makes you wanna work hard , get money , and buy a contender and go ride to clear your mind!

  • Ethan

    Bought a contender a few months ago; easily the best investment I’ve made in a while. Sick video.

    I just feel like bending over and letting the State stick a Contender right into my ass!
    And then I’ll come back and gush some more in the comments!

  • abhinav

    Sexy bike!