SKYLMT: SL-1 Frame Now Available May 31, 2012

You cannot go wrong with these SKYLMT frames. I’ve got a True Temper Supertherm bike and the tubeset is legit. This frame is 100% made in the USA and thrashed by some of the top riders in FGFS. It’s available now (size small only – size medium on the way).

“When we decided to make a SKYLMT frame we knew two things must be true. It needed to be strong and it needed to be light. We have definitely achieved both of those goals with our SL-1 frame.” -Tyler Johnson

  • 25.4MM SEAT TUBE
  • Pick one up at SKYLMT today for $550

    • Maliknelson28

      Why so over priced

      • Tyler Johnson

        While the price is higher than some other frames available you have to take into consideration that these are made here in the U.S.A. and out of the best possible tubing. Those two things add a little more cost, but as stated above you definitely get what you pay for. I am still riding the first frame that was shown at interbike last year. They are durable.

        Hope that helps give you some more insight behind the price.

      • Because they’re not gaspipe, out of a catalog frames. They’re made from True Temper’s best tubeset, in the USA and are lighter than 90% of the competition. FWIW, my BMX is made from Supertherm and I paid $550 for that frame…

      • Jake Ricker

        Are you fucking kidding me dude?!?
        I was blown away when I saw the $550 price tag.Blown away on it being so low.This frame should be like $700.Everything else out there is made from shit tubes and “assembled” overseas.For maybe $50-$100 more you can get this and be riding the sickest frame out there.And thats coming from me… (I don’t like fgfs and I want one of these frames)Since you are obviously not one to spend a little bit of money on a really great frame do this…Just get it over with and go to Walmart and get yourself a “Thruster Fixie”.I will save you the trouble of tracking one down.Here is the link…

        • Maliknelson28

          I have a legit ass setup so no need for clowning. All i asked was a simple question cuz i saw that it is the most expensive frame i’ve ever seen. So stick to your aerojoke bud.

          • C2d

             most expensive frame you’ve ever seen? dang. click around the internet and check out some frames then.

          • Jake Ricker

            “the most expensive frame i’ve ever seen”You’re a clown!

        • Fancyboi

          Neckbeard bike rage.

    • Vince

      It’s Super Therm tubing by True Temper. Some of the best tubing made in the USA. You definitely get what you pay for with this frame. 

    • Jonahalex

      The truth

    • i wasnt aware that 550 was really that overpriced for a freestyle frame, definitely looks like you get what you pay for. 

    • Jake Hanson

      Friggin beautiful welding. Definitely a big fan of the color scheme you went with.

    • Jossdakin


      Such a deal! It’s so cheap even to get it shipped to the UK…

    • Yes.

      Only uncrimped frame out there. SKYLMT, you’re doing it right! And unbelievably cheap. The manufacturer of these frames is usually an overcharging asshole.

    • Jonah80

      Skylmt sure knows how to build a frame :/

      • Mark J

        Ha ha

    • mike

      And other geometry specs? 

      • Tyler Johnson

        Hey Mike,

        I posted more specs for the size small frame here