King Kog

It’s hard to introduce this shop without talking about how they were one of the first track bike-specific shops in the US. At the time, you could count them on one hand and King Kog‘s been on people’s radar for almost 10 years. In recent years, King Kog went from a tiny space on an industrial block to a large, full-service bike shop, right off Graham avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. While they still cater to track bikes, King Kog also stocks vintage road bikes and cycling apparel. Chances are, if you’ve got a classic build to finish off, King Kog has that stem you’re looking for and maybe the matching jersey.

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King Kog
453 Graham Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222
[email protected]
Mon-Fri 1–7pm
Sat-Sun 1–6pm

  • Jdhhsept

    dude that place looks amazingly fun to poke around in

    • JC

      King Kog is like the nerdiest of nerdy bike shops that make me salivate to nerdy integrator stems and a definitely nerdy yamaguchi track frame. (I wanted that so bad)

  • Prpourhouse

    Great shots, any wide shots that show the whole space? 

  • GimmeDisGimmeDat

    That’s the place that sells used items at like-new prices.

    • You mean vintage parts at appropriate prices.

      • GimmeDisGimmeDat

        If I ever get a real job I’ll be able to turn down the snark and agree with you on that point…

  • Great Photoset. Gives a good sense of the shop

  • Great set, John, I’ve never even been to NY but King Kog is at the top of the visit list.

  • Jake Ricker

    Dig it!

    • harrison

      doesn’t seem like you spent enough time there to get any sense of the level of “shadiness”. you know, leaving immediately and whatnot.

      what you describe sounds awesome. if you want cardboard sales reps to salivate over you and treat you like a cash cow waiting to be milked, go somewhere else. king kog is more about meeting real people talking about real things while simultaneously deeply and genuinely interested in the bicycles they all sell and repair. the place rocks, and everyone knows it.

      and if you knew anything about the types of bikes they specialize in, you would know their prices are more than reasonable.

    • harrison

      oops. sorry jake. was talking to patrick.

  • Patrickfig

    this shop is overpriced, they are arrogant and shady as hell. i walked in looking for a bike and they were too busy bro-ing down about the hip hop they were playing to pay enough attention or offer any real help, so i left. i wouldn’t recommend it– over rated and over priced.

  • Wilis

    Our prices are much cheaper than competitors from vintage to new to single speeds to repairs.
    We try and have a welcoming and warm atmosphere, sorry if your experience was any less. Come by again I’m sure you’ll have a better time.