SF Photo Scraps

Scraps imply they’re the last photos from the trip and that’s not the case here. I’ve got a few more posts coming in from my recent trip to SF, these are just the ones that have no immediate home. Enjoy and check out the previous posts below!

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Tyler Johnson

    L O L at the last pic. 

  • 20/20 was the best shot – great work John. Great work.

  • Kennyk

    Such a great ender to the slideshow. Would watch again.

  • Ben

    the second pic. dat ass.

  • Goatboy

    John, couple of great butt pics here, have you though of branching in PiNP in that direction?

  • j.

    RBL Posse says “Don’t give me no bammer weed.  We don’t smoke that shit in the SFC.”

  • SpencerBrown

    i spot some stüssy hats in #9

  • No idea why, but #2 wins at everything. 

  • Great Twerk