The Last Hour of Sunlight in Santa Cruz

Brian Vernor has been asking me to come to Santa Cruz for over a year now, so when we rolled through his home town for the #ATOC, we hit him up. Initially we just wanted to grab a beer and a burger but then he muttered a word that piqued our interests: RIDE. How can you pass up a ride? Even with just an hour left of sunlight, Brian took Simon, Jeremy and me on a kick-ass ride in Santa Cruz. A lil bit of climbing, a lil bit of gravel and a lotta fun. Followed by a drink and a burger, naturally.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Jon

    Lived up in SC during school. Some of the best riding up there on any kind of bike! Brought back some good memories for me.

  • Vernor

    There weren’t any mountain bikes involved…you’ll have to come back.

    • Oh yeah!

      • JLew

        How do you get such good shots while riding yourself? When I shoot from the saddle, things can get crooked and unfocused.

  • Cbeall25

    last pic of west cliff is awesome. best spot in town to be at when the suns going down.

  • Sky Blu

    I just moved back to Seattle after living in Santa Cruz for 3 1/2 years and it was and always be some of the best riding I’ve ever had on mountain and road, love that place!

  • essc

    Prolly was in town?!?
    Please come back!

  • Hans

     great shots man. what speed and brand of film and lens size john?

    • This is all with my T4 and Neopan 400

      • Hans

         i really like #8 man, so grainy and the way it’s out of focus makes one feel like a part of the ride…looking through blurry vision just like you can get when you ride hard. you develop and print your own photos or take them to a lab? i can’t get enough of the recent rolls, that’s what keeps me coming back to your site. good work duHde

        • I take them to a lab for now. I’m planning on building a darkroom eventually…

          Thanks for the words man!