#FixieFamous Party at the Messenger Mansion

I really, honestly have very little recollection of this roll. Rather than deleting a bunch of photos, I’m putting them all up. Sorry Crihs. With everyone in town for RideNStyle, Chas decided to have a party at the Messenger Mansion. As expected, a ton of people showed up for the band and the booze but stayed for the shenanigans. This included drawing all over poor Jerome and throwing water balloons as we downed a bottle of Bookers.

As the night got out of hand, Chas relocated the party to Dolores where a highschool prom had apparently ended. The rest of the night was spent convincing girls in sequined dresses to fly down a metal slide on a skateboard. Yeah, blurry night.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Chris L

    It’s a miracle you have any clear images…

  • guest

    that is a really fun set, thanks for posting.

  • guest

    Great set!

    With which type of camera was it taken?

    • Contax T2 with Neopan 400

      • guest


        such a great look

  • Spencerjharding

    that drunk blonde chick is legendary.

    troy is #minibikefamous

  • miguel

    lil jerome, makin pdxdix proud

  • crihs

    Kreayshawn spotted in frame 32.

  • Amazing.

  • this is why we can’t have nice things.


    this is what happens when i party.  glad to see someone was there to capture the memories..

  • Track Cocaine in da house!

  • i some some los angelopes in there.  hope they weren’t too big of dick bags. :)

  • Oh man, that night was major…btwn the madness with the band inside and drunken antics outside, I know a bunch of us went H.A.M. in the paint…LOL #CBNC #TOLA fam in some of these flics HOLLER!

  • Bigbush

    super cool john prolly, you party with 19 year olds!