Rec Fail Visits Brooklyn Bikes May 7, 2012

Matt Lingo recently took his Fuji Obey track bike in to get some wrench love at Brooklyn Bicycles in San Diego (yes confusing) and he took some photos of Richie Ditta’s 3Rensho pista. I’m just guessing that the top photo is the wheel laced up to this 3Rensho, based on the fork end lug. Pretty snazzy. Check out the rest at Rec Fail.

  • waremon0

    Brooklyn Bicycles is pretty much the best bike shop in SD. 

    • It looks like it!

      • Scmalex619

        well, now that velocult is gone, yes.

  • Arsenio Hall

    Haz want…

  • revoltingblob

    I’ve never laced a wheel like that, and I don’t understand how it works…

    • jmy

      It doesn’t work. 

      Put any real tension on the spokes and you’ll twist the hub shell. I have first hand experience of this.

      • Victor-tvrdy

        has anyone until now seen a busted phil wood hub?

      • I was wondering the same thing and asked Richie about it, he pulled out a wheel he had laced like that and said he had been riding on for ten years.  Said he never had problems.  

        • jmy

          Mechanically, the torsion acting on the center of the hub with the wheel laced up like that will be immense.

          Of course it depends greatly on the hub. For example Phil Wood hubs have a relatively large OD center section (unsure about the OD of the bore and thus wall thickness), so they will be more resilient. The hub pictured have a small OD center section and will  be more prone to failure.
          The hub I destroyed ‘being creative’ and not thinking it through during my first wheel build (20″ BMX wheel) had a high flange and small diameter center section.

          • That hub looks like a Phil Wood.

          • jmy

            That might be correct. The light must have played a trick on me. To me it looked more like a rather small center section.

            Either way, personally I would not lace any hub like that and put unnecessary torsion stress on it.

  • crihs

    Richie, you still have to lace a wheel for me damn it! Many have tried. All have failed. You are the only one …