Outlier: Digital Linen Bandanas May 10, 2012

These are so rad that they sold out in minutes. I love that Outlier is branching out into the everyday accessories. This is something straight out of a Moebius illustration.

  • brian

    what’s the price tag on these?

    • I don’t know because they sold out before I could load the page.

    • They were $47 + shipping and sold out in less than 30min I believe… yikes!

      • 15 minutes

        • I’ll trade ya a red scarf for a tracko waxed canvas ramblin roll…  ;) Those sold out so quick it gave me whiplash!

          • Trackosaursrex


  • quesofrito

    i got a red one! boom!

  • zeeeeeeecore

    dammit! an Outlier product i can afford then it sold out in minutes.