NonStop Energy “Aoki” May 9, 2012

High speed riding through Hong Kong? Sure. Check out this new commercial for the Ukrainian energy drink brand “Non Stop”.

  • zeeeeeeecore


  • Hater

    jesus christ dubstep is annoying

    • I don’t even think of this shit as dubstep anymore.

    • Luke

      Truth. Definitely more like dumbstep.

  • reminds me of Premium Rush …

  • I love that he wears a smog mask, he’s like a cycling ninja.

  • Harry

    Stopped as soon as I heard skrillex. Sorry, but as a Deep Medi head I just cannot abide!

    • Deep Medi for sure. Skrillex can eat rat poison.

  • Albert

    bombing the traffic + bangarang = FULL OF EPICNESS