NL Architects Design a Cycling Pavilion in China May 22, 2012

One of my longtime favorite Dutch architecture firms, NL Architects, just completed a schematic design for a cycling pavilion in Hainan, China. The elegant form of the roof is the shape of a velodrome, allowing people to race around in all-left loops. One critique would be the lack of spectator seating but maybe there will be a tower in the pavilion’s site to allow for that.


  • Pretty rad! Some funny renderings though! I definitely see people flying down the steps through the gap in the fence. And rain would soak the cafe part unless they put some sort of gutter around the inner lip. But i’m sure they would account for both of those. Trying to figure out what the diagram on slide 10 is showing.

  • don’t fall!

  • Guest

    although it looks really awesome this way, i feel like it would be more functional the opposite way around, with the ‘drome on the bottom and cafe on top. that way you don’t have to worry about falling to your death, and the pavilion above would shelter it from rain, and it would allow easier access for some kind of spectating area..