Newcastle Fixed Gear: Daniel Fee May 23, 2012

Newcastle Fixed Gear brings the ‘Wizard and some FGFS off-road action with Daniel Fee.

  • Alex

    I’m stoked on off road stuff, but every time I thought he was gonna do something cool, he did a skid instead. At 0:49 I thought he was gonna do a cool skid, but then he did a regular skid.

  • mm51

    wait for it…..

  • wolfpussy

    i love the wizard

  • Reen

    Boring, i was hoping he was gonna wall ride that first curved brick wall. but nope, skids and more skids.

  • Jimmie

    Why is this on prolly….

  • looks just like Ladybird trail to me, joggers and everything.  
    i do not see what is so hard about slick tires on crushed granite, that’s like daily commuting on my niner.  
    Now if he was riding some technical singletrack that would be something.

    edit: but I do love Electric Wizard (and crushed granite)

  • TP

    Newcastle Fixed Gear – Bringing you the most boring videos since 2011… I suppose getting a reputation for shit dull boring videos is better than no reputation at all.

  • Bob007

    I can do skids to.
    Im not going to make a video.

  • Snore

    Obviously used EW to get posted on Prolly.

  • Jackie

    People have been riding fixed gear mountain bikes for decades.