Mission Workshop: Introducing the Arkiv Modular System for Bags & Packs May 22, 2012

The guys at Mission Workshop have been developing this particular Arkiv system for well over a year. Over the past few months, I’ve gotten to check out these bags, while in town visiting with Bart and the team, so I can say with confidence, that these made in the USA bags are legit.

“The Arkiv Modular System allows for easy customization of space and organization with the secure and simple attachment of independently weatherproof accessories utilizing unbreakable steel hardware. Accessories range from simple cell phone pouches and tool pockets to larger organizers and laptop sleeves. The Arkiv accessories allow for infinitely customizable carry solutions.”

Amazing. Check out more at Mission Workshop.

  • genius

  • Jesus, I could build a $500 pack through this.

    • tommaso

      Actually, that would be the no-frills version with just one of each accessory. Why limit yourself? You could order as many as 9 of each accessory and then all attach them with the Arkiv system. Then you would have a $3653.00 pack.

  • I love my Rambler but it would just be too awesome to have one of these + the laptop case.