Mash SF: Dead Dove Pins May 22, 2012

Mash has just upped a few more little accessories to their web shop, including this “Dead Dove” pin. Head over to swoop one now, I just did!

  • J Weatherspoon

    well, I guess since Trackstar isn’t using it anymore, someone should. Maybe they can do a T-shirt, too, since my old Trackstar shirt is pretty raggedy.

  • Love my Trackstar shirt, copped a pin as soon as they were available. 

  • would love to if international shipping wasn’t 30 bucks!

  • I designed that T* shirt! #fixiefamousbeforehashtags


    • Damn

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  • Mikes

    don’t steal ideas bro… 

    yes alex, fixiefamous before all that nonsense…