Hold Fast O.X. 29’r 26″ and 24″ Framesets Available Now May 4, 2012

The Hold Fast O.X. frames are now available. OX Platinum, made in the USA and rider tested. These are looking DAMN good.

More details:

“We’re proud to introduce to you our latest, the Hold Fast O.X. Frame Series. They’ve been described by our test riders as the kind of bike that is so responsive, “all you have to do is think it, and the bike does the rest”. While we can’t make that claim ourselves (thanks a lot, Colin), our goal was simply to create an aggressive and highly responsive frame with a dialed-in geometry that encourages intuitive freestyle riding.”

This breaks down into three frames: The Converter 29’r, the Subverter 26″ and the Agitator 24″.

Pick these up now, because they won’t last!

  • I like the 990 mount option. These look versatile.

  • Five hundred e-lulz for keeping the headtube angle “propriety”.

    Also, I’m pretty sure you guys built a cruiser bmx but made the droupouts too far apart.

    • cofo

      500 e-lulz for be stuck in the past.

      The 26 rides so well. Has the exact right standover. Is snappy. And cruises so fast and doesn’t feel cramped at all.

      The 24 is aimed to groms who can benifit from smaller wheel sizes. Cult just released 12 and 18 inch bmx kids frames. This will help keep the sport growing in the same way. I don’t see any problem with that do you?

      • PDX Fixed don’t ride fixed no more. Arguments are moot. :-(

  • Bryan Smith

    good lord

  • Airun


  • Bill

    OX Platinum? Does this mean that Standard will be making these frames?

  • Trfking

    24″ with a freewheel looks so fun.Typos on the specs though. I’d like to know the standover and HT angle.

  • Ash

    24, so when is 20 fixed coming, hah! been laughing ever since