Hold Fast: 24″ Fixed Freestyle Framesets May 2, 2012

The Hold Fast fixed freestyle framesets have been in the works for well over a year now but news of the 24″ FGFS frameset has only hit the internet in the past few weeks. Rob from Hold Fast sent over these two teasers. Expect more tomorrow but for now, check out the full build on the 24″ Hold Fast FGFS bike below.

Before you get all wound up, these bikes will be perfect for the shorter riders who could benefit from a smaller frame and wheels.

  • commence shitstorm. would love to peep the 29er

    • Rob

      The shot of the head tube is actually the 29″.  Complete build is the 24″.  

  • aj austin

    can’t wait for the fixed 20in

    •  I have a 20 inch fixed. Way more fun than another bike i’ve ridden.

    • Chris

       i heard of a fixed finger bike.

  • fgfs666

    Just gonna wait till the BMX elitists start screaming “GET A BMX” and then troll the shit out of their collective asses. Sweet idea, sweet bike.

    • BamBam

      Umm that is a BMX, if you buy that bike you have a BMX, welcome to the elite

      • Rob

        These are designed as freestyle bikes, period.  You can choose to run them fixed or free (with optional 990 brake mounts, yeah).

  • bakerbones

    hold fast 4 da kidz?

  • walrus

    can’t wait for the freewheel version.

  • Might as well ride BMX

    Might as well get a Sunday Model C.

    • JossLDN

      Those things way a tonne.

  • Hellswrongwithpeople

    Nope, nobody is that short…

  • tyler

    wu-tang is for the children

  • Leo the jew dude

    white people

  • Bike looks cool. (unrelated) Holy hell there are a ton of Ads on the sidebar. 

    • There are actually less than there used to be on the old site.

  • I’m all for fixed freestyle, and i do hate when people say “might as well ride bmx” but thats a bmx bike. kinda funny to see how they keep making new improvements in the fixed world and they’re starting to look more and more like bmx bikes.

  • lil hood rat mobile

  • two wheeled fruit boot

  • Mr.unknown

    i am  gonna  make  ‘ 26” dosn’t limit  me ‘  t shirts

    • mashingmasher

      I’ll take two

  • luke

    http://issuu.com/covenmagazine/docs/coven_issue_one there is an article about a third or so into the issue with a woman who rides this frame and it looks to be the perfect size for her at 5 foot with fairly short legs

  • Javon

    I never been to a fixed freestyle event before, so I’m not sure how it’s set-up. My question is, with the evolution of FGFS, are there different categories for riders that prefer to ride either a 29 or 26? Or do they mesh them all in one? If not, with this introduction of the 24′ (which I’m sure will catch on) do you think they should separate them into their on size class? From what I’ve seen it’s much harder to do a wide variety of tricks on a larger bike than a smaller bike.

  • wow

    Dummest thing since jumping 5 sets on nagasawa’s.  Man up 

  • Tiny Tim

    I would insult it, but it’s low hanging fruit. Ridiculous.

  • bitchesnbabies

    Now all the Stockton and LBC rats can actually stand over their bikes.

  • I wish that the focus in fgfs was on creating our own identity with more fixed specific tricks or at least ones that highlight the drive train rather then just trying to make it something it will never be…bmx. This bike looks tight and makes total sense for smaller riders but i hop this isn’t the direction its all going.

  • Matbd24

    Friends girlfriend did up a Model C Fixed so that it would fit her 

  • Trfking

    I ride a 20″ BMX. I have no desire to ride a FGFS. I’m not even sure why I read this blog to be honest. But I want to ride the SHIT out of this bike after putting a freewheel on it.

    • Rob

      Optional 990 mounts available, LHD & RHD compatible.