Here’s to Weekend Fun May 25, 2012

I hope everyone gets out on the bike this weekend.

  • ozren0

    Where was this picture taken? Oh, how I would love isolated bike paths!

  • Trackosaursrex


  • Man I hope that the kits come in soon. Too stoked!

  • skindeeptom

    Jut got back from a 52 mile ride with my friends. Feels good to be back on a bike, especially from being cooped up in a college dorm for months….  My legs are hating me right now though hahaha

  • Marcos_gallegos

    Actually to be more precise Irwindale ,California ,Sgv river trail.

  • TuckerRidesBikes

    Took the long way to the Pedicab shop on Ladybird Trail, got (tied for) KOM for my troubles. 
    Now I just gotta put some distance between me and this “Paul Hicks” fellow

  • Amanda Sundvor

    Who’s the babe up front?

    • baka

      You must be new around here, she’s Kelli

  • sygyzy

    That’s such a nice shot, all around. Great job John.