Fyxomatosis: Trek Presidio – One Bike to Rule Them All May 2, 2012

A lot of people asked what kind of bike Andy was riding during out walkabout in the Aussie bush. The answer is the Trek Presidio, from Cecil Walker. This SRAM-equipped, entry level, STEEL cross bike was a the perfect tool for the ride we went on. Head over to Fyxomatosis for the full review!

  • fixed_hesh

    Hey Trek, Speedvagen just called they want their bike back.

    • Nothin new

      Since the invention of the internet, copying of others homework has not only been overlooked, but rewarded.  

      • Michael1029

         This bike wasn’t copied. When Trek fired Lemond, it was handed to Fisher. It was the same bike for only one year (2009), and then it was completely changed once Fisher got his hands on it. It was a totally different bike from 2010-2011. They just spec’d it the same. Also, the Trek Lane has the exact same frame, so if you want one, just get a Lane and put Rival on it.

    • Yeah…

      As the above comment said, Lemond first made this bike. Trek took control of Lemond because Lemond himself was an idiot, and Trek was financing him anyways.  Then it was made under the Gary Fisher name.  How long has Speedvagen even been around?

  • Cbertels

    Judging from Trek’s site, this bike isn’t available anymore. 

  • Dontcoast

    I work for a Trek dealer and I’m pissed they’ve discontinued this bike. It was exactly what I wanted.

    Why isn’t anyone (besides Speedvagen and other custom builders) making such a steel race geometry slider equipped setup with hidden fender and rack mounts? Let me know if there’s other affordable options!

    • Ultra_Orange

      So what is the difference between this and the Steel Cross?

  • Df

    Started life as a LeMond, turned into a Gary Fisher for a moment then became a Trek?

  • Ultra_Orange

    I think the current model is just called the steel cross. The specs look to be about the same. Wish I could afford one but damn it just isn’t in this broke jokes cards.