Full Frame Collective: JSN and Me at the MASH 1-Year Alleycat May 10, 2012

Photo by Terry Barentsen

Look, I know this blog can be a tad narcissistic from time to time but as a “photographer”, I rarely find myself behind the glass. Or in this case, behind Zeiss glass. So when I see a rad photo of me and a homie, I have to give it some love. I had a fucking, absolute blast in SF last time and it was all because of a rad network of friends I’ve made over the years. Say what you will about the point and shoot 35mm camera craze that’s enveloped the young people in major cities throughout the US but Full Frame Collective has some of the most talented photographers running the show. Take Terry B for example. When he’s not shotgunning fruit juice at the hands of 18 year olds, he’s taking snaps with his ultra-wide Zeiss lens on his Contax SLR.

Check out more photos by Terry and Dylan from the Mash 1-Year Anniversay alleycat at FFC and long live grain.

  • zeeeeeeecore

    The Lord beams O)))

  • je

    Shit dude, film for sure all the way. Yashica, Konica, Contax, gimme them all. What camera was this though?? You say Ziess and I immediately think Leica.

    • Jake Ricker

      Contax G2

  • Jake Ricker