Fast Boy Cycles: Cory’s Beer Porteur May 9, 2012

I’ve posted a few times about Fast Boy Cycles but it took this rack detail to get me to post about them again. How killer is that? Check out more of Cory’s Beer Porteur bike at the Fast Boy Flickr.

  • Ezra does brilliant work, and considering how much he’s been through in the past few years (you know, that whole battle with cancer and whatnot), it amazes me that he’s managed to stay on his game and produce some really lovely stuff.

    • Totally agree. I need to follow his work more closely.

  • Greg Ralich

    Best Flickr in town by my books.

  • He makes the wooden fenders himself as well.

  • Probably made the crate too.

  • konacory

    Man, my bike is so much more famous than I am!
    Thanks for sharing.