Deal With it TV: Snow O’ Connell May 14, 2012

Matt Rice has been shooting video for Snow over the past few months and I gotta say, I really, really enjoyed this. It’s creative, ballsy and a lot different than a lot of the FGFS videos I watch. Snow makes damn good use of the environment and his smooth, 29’r style is fast and precise. Good job dude, I’m diggin’ it!

  • EB86!!  Looks at the world in a different way.  On 700s too!

  • Tyler Johnson

    This was sick. Matt did you film this on blades? It’s looks rad and super smooth, fast and low.

    •  I’m pretty sure he did, I don’t think he owns a board haha. Those low angles really added to Snow’s fast riding style.

      • Tyler Johnson

        I agree Chris Clappe and I were just saying how sick it would be to film with rollerblades. Easiest way. 

        • Its really is because they are so much more maneuverable then a skateboard etc

    • EB86

       yes, blades, no boards.

  • Nick koo

    EB86! The man’s too creative

  • out of control

  • Fee

    this guy gets me so bumped to ride

  • Bma Andrade87

    probably one of the best fgfs videos i have seen. does anyone know what who was on the soundtrack? diggin the tunes

    • 1st song : Portishead – Over (instrumental)
      2nd song : Eight and a half – Scissors (tokimonsta remix)

      Both Chopped and edited by AWN

  • Chris from beyond

    WOW. This is an edit! Good riding, filming, music, layout, everything.

    FGFS needs to step it up all around after this! (no more I-phones please!!!!!!)

    This IS fixed gear freestyle.

  • sam

    F%&*ing bad ass, homie. Fast as hell! Ride it like you skate it!

  • neil


  • Epsilon Rock

    EB86! Snow is on another level. EB86 is on another level.

  • The next time someone asks me, “Why don’t they just ride BMX?”  This video will be my sole reply.

  • hell ya snow! fast as fuck and timeless tricks! stoked big time!

  • matttttttttttt

    this is the most stoked i have ever been over fgfs

  • Burrito

    Best FGFS clip that I’ve seen so far. That was gnarly

  • Thank you all for the good words. A lot of people worked hard to make this video happen with the collective goal of making something that would make you want to get on your bike and ride!

  • Creative and smooth. FGFS.