Daniel Torres 4.666 Bars May 27, 2012

Look, Daniel Torres is real good. In fact, I think he’s one of the last 29’r riders out there who’s really showing that you can shred on big wheels. Keep at it brother. I enjoyed this. More fast and raw videos!

  • sam

    awesome aggressive pegless.

    • cofo

      almost pegless. i saw that minipeg ;) so good though. fast and huge

      • cofo

        could be a bolt though. either way. so good and refreshing

  • Spoon

    Awesome song choice. North Bay!

  • dope Daniel! the 450 was legit.

  • Igloo


    Like Prolly says, MORE fast and raw videos!

  • cool

  • Iknoweverything

    god this was the sickest edit i have seen in a while