Congrats to Chas for Winning the 2012 NACCC May 29, 2012

This photo is from my 2011 coverage of the NACCCs and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend this year’s event in Richmond but I just wanted to congratulate Chas for taking 1st place. Good job dude!

  • sp77

    Where can one get those arm warmers?

  • oh true

    this dude wins the pre event (steamrolling yours truly)

    rides to richmond

    and wins the nacccs. and is nice as fuck the whole time. congrats man!!

  • Jake Ricker

    The sickest!
    NACCC Seattle 2013!
    See you fuckas here!

  • Marcicr13

    You should also mention Carrie B, first girl….Baltimore represent!

    • I’m waiting for photos to surface of her so I can make a separate post.