Chicago CMWC Cycling Cap May 3, 2012

The 2012 Chicago CWMC approacheth. Make sure you’re dressed for the show! Pick up one of these CMWC x Cinelli caps for $15 here.

  • Jvgasmask04

    Ordered one, only 90% availability left!

  • Ukie Village stand up!

    Mine. Can’t wait for this, Chicago will be popping off this summer more than usual. 

  • Kevin

    Christina and the guy in the Giro ad to the left should totally make out.———->

    • I totally laughed when I first saw it!

      • For True Tho

        That is funny as hell, didn’t even notice. 

  • crank

    At $90 bucks a rider for early registration those dudes are raking it in. Too bad I’ll be throwing that $90 bucks into my bike instead of the CMWC. Something needs to give with these registration fees. I have a feeling it is keeping a lot of great local cyclists from riding in these events. Money shouldn’t be a qualifier in these events and when there is more hype than actual cycling something needs to change.

    • How many events like this have YOU thrown? Japan was in the hole thousands of dollars after the CMWC and Chicago is just doing it right. Where do you think money for permits, etc come from? It’s Chicago, one of the most expensive cities in the States. Shutting down streets and permits cost money man… But I’m sure you knew that already.

      • crank

        Isn’t that a question that we can all ask ourselves? The fact is that very few of us in the bike community get off our butts and organize events. Plain and simple, it is very tough to do so. I believe it is always prudent to step back and analyze when money starts to become involved. Besides, what harm is there in thinking critically about the culture and community a person identifies with?