Brussels Express May 13, 2012

If you’ve got 19 minutes tonight, you should really watch this documentary on cycling in Brussels. It’s not just your ordinary courier documentary, it’s a story about how the car has created one of the least cycling friendly cities in Europe. I thought all Flemish cities were havens for the bicycle but Brussels only boasts 4% cycling traffic. Some of these shots make Brussels look like Los Angeles at rush hour.

  • Beautiful cinematography. Yeah, I thought all Belgians were gung-ho about cycling. This makes NYC look like a bicycle paradise. 

  • K-dregg

    I really enjoyed watching that, a nice break from all the fixieskiddervids..

  • Asdjkh

    Cars don’t belong in city centres..

  • lone wolf

    That’s because Brussels is not Flemish!!!

  • roger

    reminds me of singapore. same attitude towards cyclists and its getting worse everyday. 3 people got killed when a ferrari hit a cab last friday. who dares to cycle in this type of place?

  • It’s just too hard to find  a good video  for 3 monitors.  This made my day. 

  • circlecube

    Brussels is a monkey suit city. Monkeys who do not care but about themselves.
    I think all financial capitals have such tendencies.The rest of Belgium is bicycle heaven, to my humble opinion.

  • Daniel Choi

    Enjoyed this video.

  • A8jtw

    Yep, careful with your use of the word Flemish! It’s a sensitive subject.

    Very nice film. I like the municipal bikes in Brussels, they’re fun to ride around town, but you have to watch out for the ‘priorité à doite’, which can be very sketchy when you’re not used to it.

    It’s ironic that the EC pushes the ‘sustainable mobility’ concept yet it’s really hairy to ride a bike around the capital of Europe.

  • Quinn.e

    Great film!