Breakbrake 17: Transfer Low Pro Now Available May 14, 2012

Breakbrake 17’s triple triangle, Columbus tubing, low pro is now available. Dubbed the transfer, these frames are in stock and ready to ship. Hit up your local Breakbrake 17 dealer, or iMinusD. For more photos, head to BB17’s blog.

  • GT’s gonna be pissed!  (just playin’ that shit’s wild)
    and please for the love of god don’t paint that thing

    • If GT’s gonna be pissed, it shouldn’t be over the use of the triple-triangle. It should be over the fact that these guys made the triple-triangle look goooood.

      Also, I agree with “don’t paint that thing.” Lovely.

      • Elvis

         If annnyyyooonnne should be pissed, it should be the British framebuilders that were doing that in the 50s and before.

        On a more serious note, alu fork. Facepalm.

        • ha!  I learn so much on this blog.

          • zeeeeeeecore


            …on bike history and assholism alike

        • Sheldon (who is not Prolly) credits British frame builder Fred Hellens for the design back in 1923:

          • Also French rando builders were doing it around the same time, which is why I did a triple with my Geekhouse.

    • Doctor_Jones_

      If anyone should be pissed it should be Yamaguchi. GT took his triple triangle design for the USA track team and made it into a production bike while he was on commission through the US Cycling Federation. On another note, the frame looks awesome, but whats up with the aluminum fork? Should have gone with carbon or steel…

  • Sean Megna

    so who is going to buy me one? any sugar mamma’s? I’ll clean dishes naked for this frame.

  • Stevenobester

    if anyone should be pissed its all of you because i just ordered mine

  • Daniel

    anybody have any idea who builds these?

  • very good