Bombtrack: Micro Drive Fixed Freestyle Hub May 10, 2012

After years of fixed freestyle riders demanding a micro drive, splined hub, Bombtrack pushes forward in the race to release its product first. Their fully-patented, 9t and 10t splined driver hub will hit the shelves this August. Don’t worry about availability in the USA, they’ve licensed the product to several manufacturers Stateside as well. Am I the only one that would love a 14t driver?

Rear Female 10t: 515g
Rear Regular Axle 10t: 501g
Rear Hubguard: 109g

  • mrkdvs

    aside from it looking pretty rad, what is the benefit to a micro drive?  I have a 13t cog, why would you need to a <25t chainring?

    • mrkdvs

      err, need to have*

    • Less teeth = more clearance, less likely to destroy your sprocket.

  • anything is better than a cog n lock ring

    • I’ve stripped two hubs this past week. Well, AJ stripped them. Fucking gingers.

  • Jeff

    What I don’t get: 
    On a BMX the chainstays are much shorter = less chain deflection

    On the longer stays of a FGFS bike, you’ll get hellacious chainslap by running a micro drive system.  (smaller cog  and sprocket = chain much closer to stay) 

    Is everyone running a microdrive just going to accept chain slap as the cost of doing business?

    • Jeff, Have you ever ridden a BMX bike? Almost everyone gets chain slap on them. Do people care? No. Same with street MTB.

      • and the difference in chainstay length is actually pretty minimal.

      • Jeff

        Yes John, I spent many years riding BMX bikes.  (didn’t you just get a BMX bike like two months ago? Captain know-it-all)  And I find the chain slap annoying, and was inquiring about the exacerbation of it on a fixed.

  • fgfs666

    word! Stripped my cog yesterday. Now I’m gonna buy me some micro drive and see whats up.

  • You’re definitely not the only one who wants a 14t driver. 

  • emdc

    Hey guys I just stripped a hub, looking into splined hubs. I was looking at the Halo FIX-G hubs. Also, I’m looking for non-14mm slotted, regular hubs. Any suggestions? 

  • JossLDN

    I just want to know if you can ride a beefy half link chain…

    Soon as you go below about 15t on a standard hub witha  lockring it rubs up on the lockring.

    • I have a 13t and my shadow chain runs just fine. 

      • It’ll rub on a PAUL or a Profile lockring but DA is fine.

      • JossLDN

        hmm… i had to resort to a kmc kool which is no bad thing but i had a proper tough salt bmx half link before and cant run it now

  • shred dog

    I’m pretty sure the Resist micro drive fixed hub will be available in shops within the next month. I know a bunch of the RESIST guys have been testing it out and it looks and feels dope!

  • Resist Parts

    A fully patented design that we have coming out next month…. weird.

  • Prok

    siiick but 10t?? they need bigger ratios

  • Do these guys have a U.S. Distributor? Didn’t see one on their site and would love to check these once they drop.

    • Resist has been working on this hub for like 2 years. Theirs are “dropping” any day now.

      • I have got you there but I was wondering if you had any idea if there would be a delay seeing them in the US and if it would be significant. I saw the statement about licensing but wasn’t sure what it meant in term of wait time and if it might be less headache to try and get them from the UK.

        • Jonny_mendez93

          3 Brother’s bike shop will carry bombtrack bikes and parts on the us!