Matt Spencer’s SKYLMT

I have to admit, I was a little sad when I heard that Matt Spencer was going to be riding 26″ wheels. Note that I said “a little” because it really doesn’t matter and smaller wheels will only enable Matt to ride harder and bigger than ever. When he announced he was leaving Volume, I knew he was going to be riding for SKYLMT. These frames are incredible. They’re light and made in the USA.

Matt’s SKYLMT weighs in at 25 lbs complete, as shown here and he’s already thrashing on it. While we were at the Island, I took it out for some lens love. It’s almost impossible to shoot a bike in SF without having a MUNI bus lurking in the background.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • bon3

    omg, can’t believe matt gone 26″, I thot “700C Don’t Limit Me”

  • JossLDN

    YES! I did not see this coming at all. SKYLMT’s build up so beautifully and he’s going to shred so hard. They are picking themselves up a damn serious team! Volume have just lost their 2 best riders to them…

  • aj austin

    I must say the SKYLMT frames look really good and they are made state side! Awesome. 

    • aj austin

      Keep American frames made by American names. (gayest shit i’ve said today, but I believe it)

  • reminds me of my squarebuilt. my love. 

  • leo the jew dude (birdwatcher)

    i heard his 700c dont limit me shirts are on sale lol 

  • Coop

    Love the headtube frown.  Is that standard?

  • Revver55

    What kind of gear ratios is he running with the new Resist hub? Still able to commute or for pure tricks?