Kyle’s 3Rensho Road

Mr. Save the Track Bike has quite a few nice geared bikes in his stable. As co-owner of Golden Saddle Cyclery, Kyle’s spent a lot of time pulling together a classic vibe for the shop. Sitting in the racks is this gorgeous 3Rensho road bike, built with Campy Ergo. When it comes to classic lines and Italian-influence, 3Rensho road bikes are some of the nicest vintage steeds available, which is why I was surprised to hear that he’s thinking of selling it…

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Lksjd

    tab goes to amgen toc gallery

  • Hans

    so sick kyle..

  • Jake Ricker

    One of the best road builds I’ve ever seen.
    My new 3Rensho track frame is the same color.

    • congrats on another

  • AH

    i love that bike!

  • wow, hot bike.

    As much as i run and love campagnolo ergopower on nearly every bike i build – that bike needs dura ace!
    What size?

    • Trackosaursrex

       Catalog used Campy…so I do too!

      • Oh really? nice, even better!

        best group out there… really sweet bike man. perfect daily rider

  • Marcel

    wow, i would gladly take that off your hand if you’re selling it

  • Pla3cg

    Campy or shimano? Does it really matter? I don’t think so since it does the same work its the beauty of the work the ATDthat counts not just the eye appeal but the function…. Just a thought….

  • Pla3cg

    Dont get me wrong I would love a Campy drive train however the same mission can be accomplished with shimano products not to down play Campy but it can be done…. It’s sexy nonetheless. I love it!!!!!