An Ode to the Peanut Butter Wrench May 31, 2012

The Campagnolo 15mm spanner, or aptly named “the peanut butter wrench” is one of the most elegant cycling tools ever produced. Let’s see your wrench in action. All you’ve gotta do is upload your photo to the comments, using Disqus’ image uploader, or use Instagram and the hashtag #myPBwrench.

The winner gets a package stuffed with goods sent out next week.

  • Ryan Combdon

    I wish i had a use for one. I’m running Phils all around. 

    • 15mm works on most crank arm bolts too FWIW….

  • HungryHungryHeron


    • One Eyed z

      Dang. Thats the photo I was gonna take to submit. 

  • i prefer the pdw 3wrencho (blasphemy, i know).

    • agreed, the 3wrencho is great practical every day tool.


        • guesto

          yes, the 3wrencho is the better tool.

          • Guest

            cool story bro

          • Guest

             I use a pedal wrench for my track nuts.

  • ntrortn

    I have 15mm on my velocitys
    This would be perfect for em(;

  • DAMN, i have that wrench along with a full campy tool-set

    • chris


  • Woodman

    I use vice grips

  • This is sweet. I just won an eBay auction for one of these. I’ve been trying to collect some of the tools I used to use and love back in my teens/twenties at the shop.

    I really only ever used this for crank arm bolts and track wheels. The gods invented lesser tools for lesser applications.

  • I gotta say, someone’s gonna get a good package in the mail… I have so much stuff that will be packed into a USPS box.

  • K-Train

    If Tullio were faced with frosty bolt on wheels rather than wingnuts while riding through the Dolomites, he would’ve invented the ratcheting 15 mm box wrench rather than the QR.

    • Myersaz

      Ah, J H Williams, glorious!

      • Tom Myers

        But no, I will not swap for my Campy peanut butter.

  • 51

    multi purpose wrench/u-lock

  • concrete33

    This is my 3rensho tool, works great for phils or 15mm; has pretty much everything I need.

  • Bellordecisis

    This always makes me smile.

    • Douglas


  • Mmtmatrix

    Sorry for the late post, just got back home from the DK200.  Wrench in action:

    • Mmtmatrix

       Oops, dont know why its flipped: