AMGEN Tour of California #ATOC: Stage 07 – Ontario

The closer we got to Los Angeles during the AMGEN Tour of California, the more fun the days became. We woke up bright and early in LA and drove out to Azusa. From there, we parked and rode up towards Baldy. Words cannot express how much fun this ride was. We climbed as high as we could before the course started to get closed down, totaling around 35 miles and 4,600′ of elevation.

Hennie, the Rapha Mobile Cycle Club was parked at the first KOM, so our group arrived and the party had already been raging. I can’t describe the afternoon, so I’ll let the photos do the talking!

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

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  • Ash

    whats the hype with the blonde lady all about mister prolly? too much patriotism cant be good…

    • Spoon

      LOL, ‘hype’. Seems like she just attends a good amount of premier cycling events. Put in work, and you’ll be #FixieFamous too Ash. 

      • Kellisam23

        That , and I put in a lot of work and miles on my bike!

      • Ash

        who wants to be fixiefamous, come on guys get real…

    • She’s a friend and rides hard. Like all friends I give them lens love!

  • Any takers on that dollar?

  • Jake Ricker

    Jealousy of fixiefame is the saddest of all jealousies…

    Makes me miss a lot of people in these photos.
    Great shots buddy!

  • Jdhhsept

    behold the elusive trackosaurus-rex in his natural habitat.

  • Making me want to move to california john!

  • Agke

    I am lucky enough to live in Azusa – cool photos capturing my favorite day on the cycling calendar!

  • Geo

    Like that Lucky #13 Tat. Great pics!

  • Hey that was really a nice click.Thanks for this nice pic.

  • Spoon

    Great photos!

  • What kit are the two dudes (and others) on the far left wearing? Bicycles and pirate ships? Sign me up.