What Does a NOS Cinelli Laser Road Bike Look Like? Apr 12, 2012

Photo by Robin Nilssen / Larger here

Robin, aka Boon Photography sent this shot over of a friends completely NOS Cinelli Laser road bike. All I can think is DAMN. Where the hell was that hiding out in Stockholm? This is just one shot, more to come next week.

  • Like the door to a time capsule was just flung wide open.

  • Fyxo Andy must be salivating.

    •  For the columbus MAX / C Record version – yes.  Have the valves been edited out? 

      • guest

        back one is right under the chain stay, can’t spot the the front one

        • hiding

           might be behind the fork

          • Sonke Leve

            They are there, I just hid them.  You’ll see them in the other pictures I guess. Nothing is erased.

  • in the small ring :(

  • looks like $150,000 to the right guy in Japan

  • key lime pie :9

    I smell fixed gear conversion, missmatched deep v’s and some risers and platform pedals.


  • Take a ton of photos and then ride the thing. NOS… ouch.

  • oh my god.

  • Martinjr3000

    I was with when my friend got it. so amazing in real life. not a mark on it.