The 2012 Red Bull #RideNStyle – Fixed Freestyle

After the spills and thrills from the 2012 Red Bull RideNStyle track race, the fixed freestyle competitors were ready to rip apart the ramps and rightfully so. The sport has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past year. The tricks are getting bigger, more clicked and are looking more fluid than ever. The good riders really can flow through a park setup now and since people have been spending time at Woodward, a lot of the riders had a new found confidence on big ramps. I feel like I heard rumors for the past few weeks about Josh Boothby’s plans for a backflip and, as we all know, he followed through…

Boothby’s solid runs landed him in first place.  Tyler Johnson’s big and smooth tech lines were more clicked than ever, landing him in second and Joe McKeag’s 540s, truck drivers and clicked 360’s pinned him down in third. Personally, I’m less interested in final rankings and more impressed at the overall caliber of riding that was present. Everyone gave it their all and no one was seriously hurt. But that helmet saved your ass Kenny!

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

  • Chris L

    How’s the Mamiya C330 work for action shots?

  • Tyler Johnson

    Awesome shots man! Stoked to get to see you again. Send me or Colby a pic of you Rocking the SKYLMT shirt.

  • JossLDN

    What frame was Matt spencer on?

  • Ancient Arrakis Youth

    Whats that design on Antonyo’s head?

    looks like the Wolfsangle :)

    • vin-E

       the Fixie Factory

  • caliber

    fyi i think the word youre looking for is caliber instead of caliper. a caliber of riding is the level of riding whereas a caliper is that thing used to measure seatposts and whatnot

  • Bryan Smith

    moar duckface

  • thefuk

    I don’t know how the idiot judges or bloggers still haven’t noticed that both TJ’s pedal 180 bar and Steven’s Feeble truck were opposite/switch.