Takuya Sakamoto’s Мишка x Affinity LOOP Outtakes Apr 1, 2012

Photo by Takuya Sakamoto

Tak’s been real good to the Mishka family over the years and while I don’t usually like studio shots, this LOOP Magazine photo set that’s up on the Mishka Bloglin is awesome. Check them out!

  • Guesto

    im impressed by how hard that fellow is trying!

    • It’s a photo shoot for a Japanese magazine, meaning they like over the top shoots and Victor doesn’t have to try. He’s an OG messenger in NYC and is responsible for throwing alleycats for over a decade.

      • Josh

        The alleycat bit is cool, but just because he has “OG messenger status”, does that mean he’s entitled to some higher level of respect? Or that he looks less stupid in this ad? 

        • I don’t think anyone deserves respect, but making snide comments about them on the internet is catty.

  • Benji

    slam that stem!