AJ’s Milwaukee Bruiser Prototype

AJ and I are probably the only two people who have the 29’r Bruiser prototypes set up as legit fixed freestyle rides. Others are floating around but are currently being ridden as rigid MTBs and gravel grinders. This bike has seen a beating since AJ built it up last year, around this time. While the future of the Bruiser is unknown, I can attest to the fact that this bike is a lot of fun and more than capable at thrashing some street. AJ’s put in work on this beast and it shows.

Check out the Gallery by clicking the photo above, or click here to open a new tab.

  • brian

    i really want to see one of these built up as a mountain bike.

    • I’ve got photos – will post

      • brian

        awesome, thanks.

  • love this bike.

  • “While the future of the Bruiser is unknown…”

    There is a future though, yeah?

  • Jossdakin

    Interesting to see he’s running diagonal straps. Haven’t seen anyone using them in years

    • Burro Texas Stirrup Straps

    • aj austin

      ya, down here in Texas we always ran power grips then when Justin Taylor in San Marcos made feetbelts we did that. Now Burro is helping me design some straps that’ll fill that gap. I’ve never enjoyed the horizontal design and I’ve seen even the best riders get stuck in them. Diagonal straps making bailing easier and adjustments are easier since its all foot positioning.

  • AJ’s Bruiser is the first 700c frame that i have felt super comfortable on, everything felt right with that bike, which is hard to say about a lot of 700c frames nowadays.

  • Logan

    When are these and the 26 version dropping I want a 26 soo bad, my 700 ain’t cutting it,I love it to death but I need the 26er!

  • Ancient Arrakis Youth


  • Whats the biggest size tire the protos fit?