Strava Commercial Featuring Tim Johnson Apr 4, 2012

California really does have some of the most beautiful riding in the US. Here’s Strava‘s new commercial, “Shower”, featuring Tim Johnson, tackling Coleman Valley Rd up from HWY 1. Damn, I miss the Cali coast.

  • Dig it.

  • Mmmhm

    This is brings out the worst in “roadies”. Ride your bike.

    • My riding buddies and I love it. But we don’t take it that seriously. It’s all good and fun, like riding, and like riding, some take it too far. Riding is no training.

  • AQP

    I’ve found it to be a lot of fun and a great way to push myself a bit more when on a solo ride (when I usually tend to slack)… however, what’s up with them always reporting my speed less than what my Garmin says?

    • Your Garmin needs to be set to 1-second recording, not “smart”… it’ll miss those high points.

      • AQP

        I don’t think that setting is available on the Garmin 200. It’s pretty basic.

  • I guess Strava is a useful tool. I just have to laugh at all the new “world records” there are for obscure, arcane loops. Invent your own loop, ride it with Strava, and you too can be a world record holder. Pretty soon all of us will have some kind of esoteric world record!

  • But I love thecommercial….