Someone Give Her a Good Home Already! Apr 4, 2012

Like an ex girlfriend who keeps going to your favorite bar, my Eddy Merckx pista keeps showing up on eBay. Someone buy this already! Remember, a 61cm track frame is bigger than you’d think! Check out this eBay Gem here.

  • Keean Mansour

    That’s my size! Jesus Christ, I wish I had a grand to drop. Why would you get rid of this?

    • Because I have my Icarus track. Two track bikes is a lotta dead, expensive weight.

  • You can’t get upset when you see your ex girl with one of your friends, cause as my mum taught me……. give your toys away to others who are less fortunate!

  • vopop



  • Dam it I missed it for the second time now!!!

    I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw it was for sale again.

  • Dvsdaisy

    Why should a 61 cm track frame be bigger than i’d think?  What do you even mean by 61cm track frame? The important things for sizing a bike should be top tube length, head tube length and seat tube angle.

    • Dvsdaisy

      Mind you – just talking about establishing basic size here – not handling characteristics etc.

      • Head tube length has nothing to do with fit. It’s a by-product of other angles and measurements. Effective TT and ST are where “fit” begins. But granted, if you wanted a “racing position” you would lower the head tube length, but then the entire bike would measure differently. This again applies to a ‘sloping tt or compact’ measurement, not traditional geometry.

    • You measure a classic geo bike by the seat tube, not the top tube. A “fist full” of seatpost, not like the fit of modern bikes. TT is the second most important measurement. Stem length, saddle positioning hits the other points. Seat tube angles on track bikes all range from 74-76 and up, the STA has little to do with “fit” – you can position the saddle on the rails 1cm in either direction to compensate for STA. If it were a 71STA with a 57cm TT it would fit “shorter” than a 74 with a 57TT, depending on saddle position.
      The reason I said that a 61 cm is bigger than you’d think is because both of these owners ride 60cm bikes and it was too big for them. Higher BB + big ST = high standover.

      • Dvsdaisy

        Thanks for the answer! I am familiar with “classic” and “modern” geometries on racing bikes. What matters is your position while riding, which depends on how your body is built and the shape it’s in. You can’t just move the saddle to compensate a too long tt, so you need to know the sta because it will affect the effective tt length for the reasons you have stated above. which is why the tt is the first thing to check out if sizing up any type of bike. prime purpose of st length in this case is an optical one, as you basically say yourself. even on classic bikes with a level tt you have about 4-7 cm of adjusting range without starting to make it look awkward. which is why it is handy to know the head tube lenght for calculating stack.
        Standover should be of no concern on either a road or track bike.

        • I agree but that’s why you should never try to make a large bit “fit” you unless it’s the size you ride. Get a professional fitting = saves lots of time and money on bikes that just won’t work for ya.

  • Andy P

    John, out of curiosity, how tall are you?

  • guest

    yea the dude you sold it to is a bike flipping asshat

    • The dude I sold it to realized it was too big (in Boston) and sold it to another guy, who then sold it to the flipping asshat. And he didn’t flip it. That’s what I sold it for.

  • guest

    yea the dude you sold it to is a bike flipping asshat

  • lovely bike, slack chain.