Slick Black Bishop Track for Sale Apr 11, 2012

A Velospace user is selling his Bishop track bike:

“This is my custom build Bishop track bike . Built completely to my body measurements, and is the best riding bike I’ve ever ridden. Its surreal that this started out as a box of tubes , and turned into something so beautiful . This bike is VERY stiff where it needs to be, responsive , accelerates quickly, yet doesn’t kill you after riding it for 5 minutes. This is my commuter during the week, and will be on the track on the weekends. The tubulars never see the street, I have a set of mavic cxp12’s laced to suntour superbe pro clinchers.”

Check out the info here and here. Do NOT lowball the guy…

  • what would be a fair price for this? because I have a spare kidney that i’m contemplating parting with.

    • I think $2000 is a fair starting point for the frameset, especially with those tubes:

      “Dedacciai zero down tube, Columbus Life top tube, Reynolds 725 heat treated curved chainstays made exclusively for Serotta, True Temper S3 headtube (newest from TT , crazy stiff), Dedacciai seat stays ”

      and a full carbon ENVE fork.

      and I have NO relationship to the seller, a friend emailed me this out of the blue and I posted it.

      • zoomzoom

        For some builders, $2000 is close to a new custom for oneself

        • With those tubes and a full carbon ENVE fork and that paint? I paid way more than that for my Icarus.

          • zoomzoom

            You speak the truth. That tubing combo is unique and that fork is super nice. However, am i paying for materials or the handiwork? His name on it kills it for me. In comparison, my custom road nagasawa will cost me 3000 and change

          • zoomzoom

            Don’t mean to be a hater. I do wish he gets what he wants

  • James

    A hell of a commuter, don’t you think?

    • Shit, I’d ride my Bishop if I had to commute.

  • I’m really digging the paint job on that ENVE fork.

  • Burtonridr4

    If it’s the best bike he’s ever ridden, and built completely to his measurements, why is he selling it?

    • Did you read the links?

      ” I spent a lot of money having this bike built for me, and I ended up racing on my teschner instead. I feel like I should sell it to someone that can ride it a lot, as I don’t really need two track bikes. 56.5 seat tube, 54cm top tube. “

      • Burtonridr4

        I read, I just don’t understand.

  • kidd

    i’d put in an offer if it fit me…

  • If this Bishop is the best bike he has ever ridden,(which I have no doubts that it is) then why would he sale this one and keep the Teschner?
    And why would someone buy a frame with the owner’s name autographed on the top tube? 

  • M4sh€r

    Super lovely whip and all but this is stupid. You pay a premium to get a custom bike fitted for yourself but selling it as a custom and expecting to get your “investment” back is just a dick move. 

  • catdrew

    sweet track geo bro

    • there is no rule book for what a track geometry is.

      • Catdrew

        72 is too slack for a 54 track racing bike, you compromise rear end length and are forced to ride a zero offset to get anywhere near proper positioning. This is a sweet commuter with nice wheels.

        • cookietruck

          you also didn’t even mention how the slack seat angle makes the already short top tube fit even shorter…wtf.

          • You guys are just too smart!

          • Cdefine8

            wait, you’re not familiar with all the awesome bikes these guys are building? Oh that’s right they are too busy polluting the internet to do anything constructive. oh and making hand-drawn cards with insults to send to people they don’t like

          • Catdrew

            Just trying to keep things clear for your readers- don’t take your tarck bike and try to pass it off as a track bike

          • Catdrew

            Also, I’ll eat my words if one of you guys can show me a production, professionally raced sprint frame in the 54cm sizeway with a 72degree sta, because I’m pretty sure this is an anomaly

          • Not all track events are sprint events. Madison’s, miss n out, team pursuit. I dont have the time to look them up but many track frames have a geo similar to this.

          • catdrew

            the venerable LOOK 496, a mainstay at professional track events uses a 74.5 degree sta in that size…

            72 on a 54 is pretty absurd no matter how you slice it, even looking at road bikes.

            The bike is beautiful, and as always the fabrication is spot on from Bishop but calling this a track racing bike is doing disservice to those that truly are. 

          • M-GOD

            Catdrew, Do you understand that Bishop  builds custom frames?
            His frames are built to a specific geometry for the specific needs of a particular customer. And just because this particular frame does not fall within the usual parameters of a track bike does not make it any less so, especially since, the bike was only used for that purpose.  

          • Sarah Dixon

             we’re waiting…

          • catdrew

            teschner he replaced it with has a 75 degree sta, apparently better for racing!

        • 20yrsexperiencedtrackracer

          you don’t know anything you’re talking about. but thats ok, opinions are like arse holes

  • Dontcoast

    ugh. that geo looks perfect for me, but I need a XC and a CX bike way more than I need this…
    Wish I was shitting money and had lots of storage space because this may be my favorite track bike Ive seen yet.

  • Bw

    The seller is a douchebag. I sold a land shark frameset to him, he disputed my (accurate) measurements and I lost a ton of money on it. I would not deal with him if I had the option.

    • Bw

      Also he threatened physical violence at several points during the dispute.

      • Guest

         “For sale, make offer” is pretty douchebaggy so I’m inclined to believe you.

  • Keith T

    That would be Northface Matt’s bike.[email protected]/sets/72157623882072711/with/4584215225/

  • nd

    Do the world a favor and throw that abortion in hot lava ASAP.